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Bhavana Rathod Chohan


Lovely restaurant with great service. What makes it more enjoyable was they tailored to different needs without any hesitation. Food was tasty and has the authentic taste with a twist. Good portions you won’t go hungry. Will definitely go again.

Katie Lou


This chef will blow you away with his food. The restaurant treat everyone wonderfully, brilliant atmosphere and brilliant service and brilliant food. They go the extra mile. I would always recommend!

Reena Patel


Visited today for an evening meal. Nice atmosphere which has adequate COVID19 precautions in place. Very clean. Great customer service & great food. We had starters (Sheek kebab & Prawn puri) the kebabs were absolutely delicious & the puri was nice and light with hardly any oil. Both delicious.

Sunita Bahri


friendly and welcoming staff. delicious food large portions reasonable price. Good location lovely atmosphere. highly recommended x