Butter Chicken – Our secret, ancient recipe!

Butter Chicken – Our secret, ancient recipe!

Butter Chicken – Our secret, ancient recipe!

The Butter Chicken is a quintessential restaurant dish created in the 1950s/60s in a legendary Indian restaurant in Delhi – Moti Mahal.  Moti Mahal was trying to find a solution for the left over tandoori chicken which they solved by cooking in a curry sauce rich in cashew, ghee and ground spices. This is not dissimilar to making a risotto from left over roast chicken, or making a curry with the left over Sunday roast.

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The result was a rich and moreish curry that has become a staple of Indian restaurant dining. The dish is almost impossible to create authentically at home due to the long cooking period and preparation requirements.

Haweli produces the dish in the truest form paying homage to the original recipe. Our chicken is first roasted in a charcoal tandoor (our tandoor is made of clay and powered by charcoal – it was installed in 1986!). We roast the chicken on the bone for a juicier taste and the smokiness of the charcoal permeates all the way through the chicken pieces. Our chefs then carefully de-bone the chicken and then finish the chicken in a rich, no-nonsense, fully indulgent ghee and cashew based sauce.


Not many restaurants go through this painstaking process and there are always shortcuts -we just don’t do it. Coincidentally, Moti Mahal directly translates into a large palace, which is also the translation of Haweli.


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